the client

The client was a newborn accelerator who was willing to connect start-ups with investors, fashion brands, and corporations, creating an e-fashion ecosystem in Swiss.

the project

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • UX/UI
  • Development

my role

  • Graphic designer
  • Information architect
  • UX/UI Designer
fashion representative image
mockup loomish website section accelerator connects

problem statement

Loomish wasn’t Loomish already when we were asked to design the brand identity and website that would have followed the company launch.

The naming was on the client, so we had to start branding by brainstorming on the mission the company had already defined.

We proposed 3 different approaches to impress users with a tech/fashion-related brand identity.

When the identity was well defined, we laid out a website in record time since the launch was already defined and depending on other activities, such as applications to the program and investors' involvement.

mockup loomish website on mobile

Project goals

Define a clear and innovative brand identity for a pioneer project in Switzerland.

Design and develop a one-page website as the first release and a second version with multiple pages

Design a new logo that communicates innovation and stability.

Develop and deliver the website in a very short time.

example of working materials


  • Logo
  • Information Architecture
  • Sketches on paper
  • Wireframes
  • UI

We analyzed requirements and target users and delivered an MVP made of a one-page website that would address start-ups, investors, and fashion brands.

The second release required an expansion of the website to divide access structures for each target user.



Since the company was a newborn, we had no data to analyze. We leveraged other accelerators to convey the right value to this ecosystem.

Start-ups would raise investment to work in the fashion industry. Brands can find innovative solutions and investors an ROI.

Information architecture

For the MVP a one-page layout was designed to be as fast as possible online with this product.

For the second release, we designed a multiple pages layout that created different access points, one for each actor in the ecosystem.


We worked on different naming proposals until "Loomish" was decided to be the official one.

It is generated from Lugano, Milan, and Zurich, since the location is meaningful to the company, which was willing to bring innovation to Switzerland.


We proposed two different styles of navigation: classic vertical scrolling and unconventional horizontal navigation.

On top of navigation, we proposed 3 different layouts with geometric shapes, squares, and diagonal stripes.

series of images representing how i worked for each step of the process


Collaborating with the client we could drive various brainstorming sessions and understand how the accelerator worked in the fashion world.

We designed a logo combining diagonal lines and a triangle for an innovative feeling, matching yellow and black for a fresh and distinctive look and feel, recalling the tech environment.

Was decided to go with vertical scrolling but slide one screen after another like step-by-step navigation, so the height of the screen was always 100% of

For the user interface, it felt more appropriate to follow along with diagonal stripes, recalling the logo guide. Images are cut following this guideline and a yellow stripe goes zigzag along the page.
We designed the 4 specific pages, one for each actor of the ecosystem on a similar structure, the same for the news page and contacts.
The sticky menu changes from a transparent background on the hero element to a white one for the next modules.

mockup on desktop of new mega-menu


The first release included a one-page website with a countdown to Switzerland's accelerator launch, information about the program e contact information.

The second release was the complete version of the website.


A multicultural environment leads to long brainstorming and a variety of ideas.

Despite the time-consuming decision-making process, it is very interesting to see how different people produce different results, given the same initial problem.

From the development point of view, our solution was quite problematic in some resolutions. It could happen on long desktop screens that the layout wouldn't be at its best.
I wouldn't choose this same solution twice.


The website currently online has been redesigned internally by the client in 2021. We weren't involved in the design.

This project was developed under S'nce Group Sagl, who owns all the contents rights, and users are not permitted to use the materials (texts or images) in any circumstances and for any reason.